Millennium Omega Big Bead

Omega Big Bead
  • Omega Big Bead

Millennium Omega Big Bead

Stable Putter

The Omega Big Bead models were released as limited edition variations of the original SuperSoft Omega and the Millennium Omega AP.

The SuperSoft Omega Big Bead and the Omega AP Big Bead feature a large bead around the rim which offers a little bit more fade than the beadless or small "micro" bead that is featured on the originals. The larger bead provides great support for your finger when throwing. Due to their popularity, in April of 2013, we gave the Omega Big Beads a permanent place in our line-up.

The SuperSoft Omega Big Bead of made of SuperSoft material.

The Millennium Omega AP Bid Bead is made of Millennium plastic, the original premium plastic introduced to the world of disc golf discs.

The First Run SuperSoft Big Bead is available exclusively in our Pro Shop.



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