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To order discs for this event, go back to the Millennium Challenge page and order your 2 discs.

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Sampletown Millennium 2-Disc Challenge - 
Not really a tourney. Just experimenting to work out bugs...  : )

Register for the Division of your choice. Entry fee - $30. The shopping cart will add 3% to cover fees so that your whole $30 goes toward pay outs.

Order from the basic Millennium Challege page the 2 discs you want to use for this challenge. Remember that you can use your own putter.

8:15-8:45 AM Check-In & Registration
9:00 AM Player’s Meeting
9:15 AM Round One Tee Off
12:00-1:00 PM Lunch (Bring Your Own)
1:00 PM Player’s Meeting
1:15 PM Three-Headed Monster Tee Off
4:30 PM Award Ceremony

Two rounds of 18 holes will be played.

Round 1 - Singles
Each player must compete with only three discs: your own putter + the two Millennium discs you receive with your event registration.

Round 2 - “Three-headed Monster” Team Play
Players will be assigned to a three-person team. On the tee, each player will throw their own drive. A Millennium disc must be used from the tee pad on all holes. Then, as a team, choose the disc you want to shoot from. The two players whose discs were NOT chosen must complete the hole in best disc format for the remainder of the hole. Only 6 drives may be used from each team member during the 18-hole round.

FUNDRAISERS - $5 of every entry goes to benefit the Battle of 441 Tournament.
Optional Add Ons - The purchase of Mulligans and Raffle tickets sold that day will go to benefit the Battle of 441 Tournament.
Mulligans - $2 each or 3 for $5. Max 6 mulligans per player for the Singles round only.

ACE FUND - optional

PRIZES - Trophy and merchandise will be paid out to top finishers in each division. Payout depends on size of division.

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