Sirius Quasar

Am Doubles Misprints



These are unique M-Color Sirius Quasars that were printed up for the Amateur World Doubles Championships held at Selah Ranch, TX on April 4th-6th 2014.  The Sirius Quasar was created as a special release specifically for that tournament.  The discs being sold here are mis-printed versions that were unsuitable for use in the players packages.  Actual print may vary from the picture shown since each mis-print is different from disc to disc.  Quanitites are limited! 

The Sirius Quasar is a speed 13 ultra long range driver built for strong throwers and shots needing a dependable disc to finish with a strong fade. It is our most over-stable disc providing players with confidence when throwing against the wind. This disc is a great choice for both backhand and sidearm throwers. This model is also fully stocked and available in Quantum Plastic containing “Stardust” for a unique glimmer.

  • PDGA Approved
  • Ultra Long-Range Driver
  • Millennium’s first speed 13 driver, will glide well, resist turn, and finish with a strong fade.
  • Great against-the-wind and offers dependable fade.
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