Millennium Aurora MS



The Millennium Standard Aurora MS is a mid range driver that is straight. The Aurora MS is perhaps the truest flying disc ever made. With no rollover and virtually no fade, the Aurora MS gives surprising distance for a midrange driver. All you do is control the angle and watch it make an awesome right curve, left curve, or a dead straight shot.

Millennium is the original premium plastic, which is often referred to as our “base” or “standard” plastic. It combines precision grip with a scuff-resistant surface. Millennium plastic provides the durability needed to withstand the wear and tear out on the course while still at an affordable price.

The MS is the best all-around disc you can get and if you're just getting started it's the disc to have. Don't play a round without it.

Available up to 180 grams in Millennium Standard, Quantum, and Sirius Plastics

Millennium (Stnd) 160-175
Quantum 160-175
Quantum Dyed 165-175
Sirius 165-175
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